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Camera IC (MV301)

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MV301 is an IC applicable to USB PC Camera and Digital Still Camera. To operate USB PC Camera, it controls compression, memory and USB protocol. With the embedded DCT & Hoffman coding, image compression
is available and compression ratio is over five times. DSC function allows for easy file transfer andindependent image capture. Using the external MCU, various system embodiment is available. Also, attachment to existing system is easy. It allows for various application between independent USB/DSC camera and equipment such as MP3/PCS/PDA.

  • Compliant with USB 1.1 Spec
  • Support High Speed Device - 12Mbps
  • Dedicated Logic for Decoding USB Standard Request
  • Support YCrCb 4:1:1 Digital Image Format
  • Compress Ratio 5:1
  • I2C Master Controller
  • 16M SDRAM Controller
  • Support USB Mass Storage Class 1.0
  • DC 3.3 V Operation
  • 100 Pin LQFP
  • Support CBI transfer for mass storage
  • Support 2 ISO transfer for Image and Sync
  • Support QCIF,CIF, Full Mode Screen
  • MCU Interface


USB PC Camera
Digital Still Camera(Dual mode camera)
Portable multi-player interfacing camera