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Camera IC (MV703)

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The MV703 is a CMOS device designed to perform the USB controller for the mass storage. Two bulk and one interrupt endpoint are composed in it. The maximum speed when it operates at full speed is 12Mbps. With the power control register it provides low stand-by power consumption. The MV703 can be controlled very easy with address and data bus by main MCU unit.

  • Compliant with USB1.1 Spec
  • Support full speed device-12Mbps
  • Support CBI(Command,Bulk,Interrupt) transfer
  • Dedicated logic for decoding USB standard request
  • Glue - less MCU Bus interface
  • Dedicated USB buffer
  • 3.3 V Operation
  • 48 Pin LQFP


  • MP3, PDA
  • Card Reader
  • USB Mass Storage Control

Application Block Diagram