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Camera IC (MV315)

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MV315 is an embedded mobile phone camera CMOS controller IC that provides phone makers with short development period and flexibility for the fast revised product cycle and makes it possible to shorten time-to-market of them. This controller integrates JPEG Codec, 8Bit RISC MCU, USB core and various logic block. It is available in 640(H)X480(V), 352X288, 320X240, 176X244, 160X120, 128X96 resolution for captured image and 128(H)X120(V), 128X160 resolution for motion preview image on LCD.

The MV315 is designed to support the i80 type parallel interface and also the direct LCD interface which enable to display real time frame rate in motion preview mode is available. For display more enhanced image and various function, MV315 has an image enhancement algorithm and thumb-nail function which makes it feasible for the phone makers to design their product with high performance and manifold displa